Project Andromeda is a website for short stories (under 100 words) inspired by travel photographs. I hope you enjoy reading about the experience of others. If you would like to contribute a photo and a story, please write to ashmonsterpromotional@gmail.com


“My grandfather built the foundation of this house. After he passed, my father (your grandfather) and his brothers lived here. I grew up in these corridors with my cousins. The house grew with our family. A cousin added some rooms; an aunt built a terrace. I feared that our family would fight over this house.Continue reading “Histories.”


Short breaths. Quick turns. As she zipped through the narrow alleyways, she could hear them close on her heels. She could see them from the corner of her eye. She was gasping for air, desperate for rest. Pain shot through her thighs as she ripped through the dingy streets. She couldn’t stop. They would getContinue reading “Alleyways.”

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