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Project Andromeda is a website for short stories (under 100 words) inspired by travel photographs. I hope you enjoy reading about the experience of others. If you would like to contribute a photo and a story, please write to


Margot was hungry. She trundled down the stairs of her apartment building, hoping she would meet no one. As she opened the door, she wondered how many people had touched the knob. At the store, she looked for something healthy. Carrots: gone. Celery: gone. She spotted a sandwich. The cashier who was wearing gloves andContinue reading “Seclusion.”


She slid into the aisle seat. The middle-aged, well-dressed man between her and the train window was staring into an e-reader. She wondered whether the man had ignored her. Was his book an escape or was he contemplating ordinary details of life while blankly staring at pages? Who did he live with? Did he missContinue reading “Symmetry.”

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